Portland Area's Property Management Leader

The top property management company In Portland, Oregon is Real Property Management.

For the finest in Portland Property Management, local residents turn to Real Property Management Portland.  With our local knowledge and experience in property management in Beaverton OR along with the property systems management, advertising and marketing capabilities of our parent company, Real Property Management, recently named by Inc. Magazine as one of the nation's fifty fastest growing companies, Real Property Management Portland is able to bring to our clients simply the finest in service and results in Property Management Beaverton Oregon.      
Real Property Management Portland a full service Property Management Beaverton OR company, handling all phases of Property Management Beaverton for our clients from locating and selecting the best and most reliable tenants through advertising and thorough pre-screening of potential tenants to collecting rent, maintenance and repairs, quarterly property inspections to ensure that the properties are all up to local real estate codes, evictions if necessary, 24/7 telephone and internet hotlines and property status updates, monthly property financial statements and the depositing of our customers' monthly rental incomes into their banks of choice by way of easy ACH transfer.  Our ability to perform all of these functions and more at the highest of levels is what has led Real Property Management Portland to become the unquestioned leader in terms of Beaverton Property Management.
For simply the best in Property Management Beaverton Oregon, call our knowledgeable and friendly staff today at (503) 350-1800 and they will be glad to take the time to discuss with you your specific Beaverton Property Management needs and what makes Real Property Management Portland the right choice when it comes to Property Management in Beaverton.